Lay of the Waves

Fortune's Wheel CD
  • David Hahn -electric guitar

  • Becca Baggenstoss -drums and percussion

  • Jay Kenney -keyboards, tambura, percussion

  • Nick Davis -electric and upright bass

  • Ruthie Dornfeld -violin and electric violin

  • Maria Mannisto -voice

  • Lucas Field -voice

  • Sean Nelson -narration

Fortune's Wheel - $15 including shipping

This adventurous album is the brainchild of composer/guitarist David Hahn, who wrote all the music and leads the band Concert Imaginaire. The music ranges from contemporary classical to Zappa-esque rock and free improv. Prepare for a ride.

  1. IntrOverture
  2. Fortune's Wheel
  3. Fuse!
  4. The Massacre of Suns
  5. I Hate Being White
  6. Always Thinking of Myself
  7. Like You Thought...
  8. World Circus News
  9. There's Only One Thing to Do
  10. Bishop
  11. Bosna
  12. Do the Prepuce!
  13. Prayer Circle
  14. Mike and Ike
  15. Bonus Track: Poke Smot!