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Fiddle Lessons

Ruthie Dornfeld has taught fiddling for over 40 years, both privately and in workshops and classes at music camps and schools throughout the United States, Denmark, and Finland. She teaches all ages, beginning to intermediate levels, with the focus on general technique and repertoire building. In her own words: "We focus on staying relaxed and supple in a basically classical violin position, develop the ear to improve intonation, develop the rhythmic sense that is so crucial to dance fiddling, and learn some stylistic techniques such as ornamentation and bowing patterns. I teach primarily by ear, and the repertoire is traditional fiddle tunes of various genres according to the student's interest (old-time, Celtic, a bit of Scandinavian, French, and East European). I do teach music reading to those who are interested. I offer even non-music readers some music theory, so you can figure out what key you're playing in, some basic chords, scales, and arpeggios. I teach out of my home in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle."

Rates: $65 for a one hour lesson (recommended for adults) and $50 for a 45 minute lesson (recommended for kids)

Contact Ruthie at: or tel: (206) 313-9704