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  • Ruthie Dornfeld -fiddle

  • Petri Hakala -mandolin

  • John Miller -guitar

  • Tapani Varis -bass, overtone flute

Freshet is a Finnish and American collaboration, and despite the long commute, it's a very exciting band to play in. In this, our debut recording, we play mostly original material. The Scandinavian influence is clear, but we're all very fond of the music of South America, so there's a bossa nova, samba, choro, and a Latin waltz in the program.

  1. Hominaje a mi Pueblo (Venezuelan waltz)
  2. Cranberry Hill (Tapani Varis)
  3. Orpolasten Polska (traditional Finnish)
  4. East End (John Miller)
  5. A Slip of Blue (John Miller)
  6. Hannuland (Ruthie Dornfeld)
  7. Halki Kirkkomaan (Petri Hakala)
  8. Purple Sea (Timo Alakotila)
  9. Oikotie (Tapani Varis)
  10. Plowboy (Petri Hakala)
  11. Luz (John Miller)
  12. A Labyrinth (Petri Hakala)
  13. Raita (Tapani Varis)
  14. Fancy Squirrel/The Plover (Ruthie Dornfeld)