Noches de Fiesta

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  • Ruthie Dornfeld -fiddle

  • John Miller -guitar

Noches de Fiesta features the wonderful tunes of guitarist John Miller in an intimate duo recording. Ruthie and John take inspiration especially from the many traditions of Latin America--the Venezuelan waltz, the Argentine tango, the Brazilian choro, the bolero, and the Mexican 6/8.

WOW! -Bill Frisell

  1. Dolor y Gusto
  2. Riippusillan Hambo
  3. The Wedding Feast
  4. The Singing Moon
  5. Cheguei
  6. Lamentacion
  7. Sicilienne
  8. Tango Duro
  9. Souvenir de Caracas
  10. Noches de Fiesta
  11. A Slip of Blue
  12. The Drumshead
  13. Winter Waltz
  14. 1x0 (Um a Zero)